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Episode 277 - Chapters with Graham Field

March 15, 2021 Graham Field
Motorcycle Men
Episode 277 - Chapters with Graham Field
Show Notes

Chapter 6

In this segment of Chapters we have Motorcycle Traveler/Adventurer Graham Field, author of 4 (soon to be 5) books.  

This episode features a Chapter from Graham's book "In Search of Greener Grass". To give you an idea of what the book is about, here is the book synopsis from Amazon:

“Well, now I’m committed,” he thought to himself after telling a national TV game show audience that he wanted to ride a motorcycle to Mongolia with his winnings. He felt the fear that commitment always induced in him; he was hoping they might have edited that bit out. Commitments are something he tried to get as far away from as possible, the only other constants in his life being twenty-five years of financial prudence, travel and motorcycle obsession.So there he was, committed to going very, very far on a motorcycle with his meager prize money. Consequently, he spent a winter on eBay and a spring in the garage preparing his $1000 KLR 650 for an uncertain life on the road. Armed with a cynical humor, a strong sense of direction, a vague sense of balance, and no sense of proportion, he embarked on a 15,000-mile solo motorcycle ride to see what would break first; bike, body, or budget. Leaving an indifferent existence in England behind he headed east, looking for purpose, a new life, and a new location to live it. He was in search of greener grass.

 Certainly one of my favorites.

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